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WedWell Services

Full-Service Planning

Start-To-Finish, All-In Wedding Planning Services

We will help you with every facet of your wedding day. This includes: venue selection, vendor selection, website review, event design,

onsite coordination, and much more...

Every wedding should be as unique as the couple. We will provide guidance on venue selection to match your tastes, then craft a vendor team that can help you pick out the details that feel like you - all while keeping you on track with your own To Dos. 

We love getting involved from the beginning so we can help make planning as low stress and fun as possible. We'll create and execute your vision down to the last sprig of greenery on your menu and the last pour of your signature cocktail.

$ 9,250 - $ 10,500

Partial Full-Service Planning

We'll provide full-service planning and support for the elements of the process you choose. For example, if you already found your venue, we'll help with everything else. We're full-service when you want us.

Venue Selection + Month-Of Coordination

 Together we'll find the venue that fits your vision and budget.
Once you find the rest of y
our vendors and work out the details, we'll come in to help make it happen 

Vendor Selection + Month-Of Coordination
Once you've found your venue, we help with the rest of your planning adventures. Through vendor selection, staying on track with planning, and coordinating your wedding day until the last guest leaves.

$ 7,750 - $ 8,750

$ 4,875 - $ 5,875

Full-Service Coordination

We'll get actively involved about 8-10 weeks in advance of your wedding. That said, we start helping with general email support and vendor recommendations from the day you hire us.

We'll create a timeline, confirm vendors, and help your wedding design come to life and much more...
P.S. This is our "Month-Of" aka "Day-Of" Coordination option


$ It Depends

Extra Support + Getting There

There may be additional fees on top of what's noted in each category to make sure we have the help we need and that we're able to get there.
Examples Include:
Adjacent Event
  |  $1,000+ per event

Day-Of Assistant  |  $825 per day
Travel  |  $50+ (varies based on mode and distance)
Accommodations  |  at cost  (for weddings outside of BK, BX, JC, M, Q)


Check-In Consulting

$160 per session

What is Check-In Consulting? It's a planning conversation with an experienced wedding planner. That's it.


Many couples want to plan their own wedding, have a very limited budget, or their family helps with the process. We understand typical wedding planning may not be needed in these instances; however, you may still want to connect with a professional. That's where we come in. Hire us for a two-hour conversation (or multiple conversations) and we'll work through where you are in the planning process, answer your questions, and calm anxieties as we go.

While Check-In Consulting is a new concept in wedding planning - it is well-received, convenient, helpful, and budget-friendly. If you want to learn more about this non-traditional option, contact us!

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